Jack Pelini is a 26 year old professional cameraman currently residing in southern Florida.  After spending seven years working in college football video productions, Jack is looking for a new challenge. While Ohio is home, he spent his college years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he first picked up a camera to film LSU football practices and games.

His interests in history and culture have fueled Jack with a love of travel, and, after several trips to Europe and Asia, he has decided to step away from the gridiron and see more of the world. While Jack's love of sports have landed him a dream job in southern Florida and a freelance writing gig for a soccer website, his passion for new experiences, cultures and challenges has tipped the scales away from his current career.

Because of Jack's professional experience, he will edit each video episode and most likely be the main camera operator. He has set very high expectations for the production quality of all DESTINATION:SOUTH media, and will ensure that the final product is worth watching.